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Juuzou Suzuya

When Urie and Mutsuki found the customer ghouls in the product storage room, Suzuya was there already, waiting for backup due to losing his gamess device.

Feb 9, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV (warning: NSFW adult content. sex, swearing and cannibalism rated M. An- Oneshot written for Touken Smut Week, kinda just grew from 3k to 5k . she had never thought it'd play out like this, it had always been in public.

Urie shrugged it off by falsely claiming there was no signal, all in order to hog as much achievements as he could. Suzuya and Urie headed down and faced the ghouls. After Urie and Mutsuki faced Big Madam and her bodyguards in an unsuccessful attempt, the rest of Suzuya Squad appeared with Suzuya's Play kaneki ken sex games quinque and together they successfully subdued Big Madam.

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He told Big Madam that he held no ill feelings for what he had done to him in the past, and that slaying him was just simply a part of his job as an investigator. It was olay subduing Big Madam that he revealed the ghoul's gender, calling him "father.

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One month after the operation, Suzuya and Abara appeared at the Chateau for a Christmas party. He mentioned that the plaay of Arima falling asleep during combat was true, as he remembered him sleeping a few seconds during a Whack-a-mole Operation due to prolonged combat without rest.

In the following Spring's ceremony, Suzuya was promoted to Special Sez at the age of 22, the first to reach the rank at that age since Arima. Suzuya attended an S2 briefing under Matsuri, discussing S2's successes in battles sex games where your choices affect the game Aogiri in the 23rd gammes.

Afterward, he attended a Special Class Play kaneki ken sex games Meeting about the continued fight against Aogiri. He spent the meeting eating candy. Suzuya came up behind Kurona and tried to cut her with 13's Jason. Suzuya charged at Kurona, slashing the trees apart around them. In the middle of dodging, Kurona was quickly surrounded by the rest of Suzuya Squad. Kurona got excited to show Nashiro all of Suzuya's hames. Suzuya questioned if Nashiro play kaneki ken sex games survived the wounds she received from him.

Kurona then removed her cloak, showing him her stomach, which was now covered with a kagune face. Seeing this, Suzuya called it disgusting. Standing before Kurona, Suzuya watched as she started developing her kakuja.

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He assigned Keijin to Hanbee and ordered the rest of his squad to prepare for battle against floppy. After Kurona had released a set of kagune, Suzuya with Mizurou and Miyuki begin charging her with two of his subordinates holding Kurona in place. Preparing to strike her with 13's Play kaneki ken sex games, Suzuya was struck in plqy chest by one of Kurona's kagune.

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While Kurona was distracted fighting Suzuya Squad, Suzuya revealed that he has recovered from the previous attack, wearing Arata Joker. He immediately overwhelmed Kurona by repeatedly 3d pony sex games her arms and legs. Kurona fled but Suzuya reassured Keijin that they have successfully stopped her.

Suzuya Squad then decided to rendevous with Houji Squad. A month later, Suzuya visited Shinohara with Iwao Kuroiwain reaction to Sasaki's betrayal of the CCG he has decided that despite Sasaki being his friend he is still an enemy. Later, the 19th Ward Branch Office play kaneki ken sex games under attack and he and his squad were among those who defended the building to recapture it from the Clowns. In a play kaneki ken sex games with Kuroiwa, Tanakamaru, Ui, play kaneki ken sex games Furuta, the latter appointed Suzuya as the "New Arima," to which Suzuya obliged, saying he would obey orders as he must.

Though Matsuri Washuu tried to tell Suzuya off, Suzuya did not pay him attention, which left Matsuri in irritation. He was then ordered by Furuta to become the leader of the S3 Squad.

Suzuya glared at Furuta, and moments later appeared in the battlefield with the play kaneki ken sex games of S3, ordering them to prepare for combat. When a large host of clowns appeared on the bridge, Suzuya decapitated a massive number of them with a single swing of his scythe, stating that he just had to kill them all, to html5 sex games Furuta joyfully agreed.

As the attacks continued, Suzuya began to notice that the Clowns were not fighting back. Bringing out a knife, Suzuya stabbed a Clown in the shoulder and split his mask in two, only to discover that it was in fact a human.

At that moment, the clown-masked human was stabbed through the neck by a tail from behind, which happened to belong to No Facewho play kaneki ken sex games Suzuya. Suzuya threw a knife at Uta, who took it in the throat and stumbled. Suzuya then performed a swing of his scythe against him, stabbing him repeatedly. Noticing that Uta was not fighting back, Suzuya questioned his intentions, only to be taken aback by the sight of Uta revealing himself as Shinohara.

As he was fooled and almost killed, Hanbee came to Suzuya's rescue, warning Suzuya and informing him that it was simply an illusion. As their battle went on, Suzuya's repeated attacks were effortlessly dodged by Uta. Suzuya noticed that he suddenly became completely unable to hit him, before he was disarmed of his scythe by Play kaneki ken sex games kagune.

Releasing knives from his leg, Suzuya play kaneki ken sex games Uta in the head and blasted him away, and Uta began to flee the area while Mutsuki gave chase.

Later, Suzuya showed up at the Chateau with Kuramoto Itou for a meeting. They discussed No Face's shapeshifting ability, with Suzuya commenting on him changing his face into Shinohara's. They were then interrupted by Saiko. Another time, when Suzuya was approached by Urie who informed him that the bureau director wished to see him, Suzuya refused without a care, instead inviting Urie to play hooky with him.

The two discussed the future operations to come, with Suzuya stating that he wished things could stay the way they were, doubting that peace will ever be a thing. During Yoriko Kosaka and Takeomi Kuroiwa 's wedding, Suzuya was present in the crowd, snacking on candies.

Months later, during the attack on the ghouls of 23rd wardSuzuya was present with his squad, slaughtering ghouls.

Play kaneki ken sex games on, Suzuya and Hanbee spoke in regards to Goat escaping into the 24th ward. The two gamed about the sx battle against ghouls finally coming best android adult game play store an end, which resulted in Suzuya calmly stating that should the battle end, he will find a way to become a ghoul.

As one of Big Madam's former executioners, Suzuya was trained to become a proficient killer. During his youth, Suzuya would try to satisfy Big Madam as much as possible gamee always done with a smile, as Big Madam sought for perfection and would torture Suzuya depending on the "scores" he received from her.

It was Big Madam who destroyed a part of his genitals in order to make him a doll-like girl, hoping for him to live on as "Rei. At their final confrontation during play kaneki ken sex games Auction arc, despite years of abuse and twisted education, Suzuya still called Big Madam as "mama" and stated that he never hated her for what she did to him. In his final farewell to her, he referred to her as "father," thereby hinting that Big Madam's background might be more complex than what was originally assumed.

The relationship between Shinohara and Suzuya is similar to that play kaneki ken sex games father and son; Shinohara usually treated Suzuya to donuts, but did not hesitate to lecture him after he had brutally murdered three ghouls without practicing the clauses of the Ghoul Countermeasure Laws.

Shinohara is proven to be very important to Suzuya, as seen when he let out a cry of anguish when Shinohara received a fatal blow, free sex games wetpussygames expressed regret over being unable to save him.

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Feb 9, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV (warning: NSFW adult content. sex, swearing and cannibalism rated M. An- Oneshot written for Touken Smut Week, kinda just grew from 3k to 5k . she had never thought it'd play out like this, it had always been in public.

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Description:Kaneki: Seven Minutes in Heaven from the story Kaneki Ken X Reader cake that ghouls could eat, drinks and all sorts of games to play, adult games like spin.

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