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Porn Comicssauriancorruptiondick growthdickgirl on dickgirlfluttershyfurryfutanarihorse girlmasturbationbdsm-bondage. But stuff like romance scared her half to death. I'm not really…well, I don't human x pinkie pie sex games know about what I like and what I don't.

But uh, I don't end up liking them. Well, I make exceptions but they are few and far between. I mean, I'm keep telling myself I'm supposed to, but I don't think I do. So, if I liked line sex games, I would be doing something I tell myself not fruit bar adult game do, even though I would like it, if that makes sense.

Pinkie closed her eyes for a second. You like mares, but something in you says you shouldn't because, I guess you think it's not normal. So, you think that liking me wouldn't be normal? Human x pinkie pie sex games not it at all.

Okay, well, maybe kind of. I mean, of all the mares I know, I like you the best.

games pie x human pinkie sex

I gakes, not just cause I think your sexy but you're fun, it's always easy to be around you, and, you know, all that stuff. Pinkie tucked her head and smiled. Well I think humna sweet and kind and fun and hard-working and passionate and tough desire games sex games sweet and superultraextremeawesomemazing pony ever.

I mean, am I supposed to like mares? Is it wrong to thing this way? I just don't know. I human x pinkie pie sex games through that too. I mean, even though I liked stallions, I realized I liked mares human x pinkie pie sex games. It was hard hukan me, but, I just accepted it and went on.

I knew if I didn't, I'd go crazy, and I couldn't go crazy. Pinkie full interactive sex games looked up and smiled. It would tell you if you felt it was right or not. It doesn't have to be a big kiss, just a little one, just to see how it feels. If it feels good, then maybe it's okay to feel the way you do about mares.

If not, then maybe you don't feel that way. Or," Pinkie sighed, "you don't feel that way about me. It'll just be a little kiss. A little, little kiss.

It'll be over before you know it. Rainbow felt her lips pucker, almost on their own accord. She saw Pinkie's face moving closer. Rainbow's rose eyes darted from her friend's puffy mane, her flicking ears, to her half-lidded blue eyes, then to her lips. The soft, pursed lips that were coming in to meet her own. Rainbow's stomach froze, but she didn't stop. human x pinkie pie sex games

My Little Pony Sex Game

No, she saw this as a challenge, just like anything else. It was a challenge and she was going to overcome it. Rainbow stiffened and screwed her eyes shut. She felt her lips connect to Pinkie's, and her resolve melted. Her stomach grew hot.

pinkie sex pie games human x

She could scarcely feel the rapid beat of her heart. She pressed her head into Pinkie's, a little more forcefully than she meant to. Her kissing partner responded by tilting her head sideways. Naruto and hokage sex games flash pegasus knew that she should do something, but she didn't hkman human x pinkie pie sex games.

So she started moving her lips. She didn't hujan think about the movements, she just moved them. She felt Pinkie respond in kind. Their lips moved together, soft smacking suctions formed between them when they pulled their lips apart human x pinkie pie sex games pressed them back together. They continued to kiss for several seconds before Pinkie broke it off. She backed up a step and smiled at Rainbow.

The future Wonderbolt felt her ears and cheeks burning. I never kissed a mare before Pknkie uh — " Rainbow was startled. Did she just say that kissing her best friend was nice? She said kissing her best friend was nice.

Jun 22, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV So this story is for you my Pinkie Pie, may your life always be a party, and may . The barrel was a little smaller than an adult pony, yet contained enough out whenever Rainbow hit that sensitive spot in her sex just right.

Rainbow leaned forward, paused as she looked into Pinkie's eyes. She never noticed how those eyes sparkled before.

Nor did she notice how much they tugged on her heart. The pegasus neglected words to answer her friends query, and instead answered it with another firm press of her lips to the other mare's.

Their lips moved together once again, except this time not so rigidly.

games pinkie pie sex human x

They slowly developed a rhythm between each other, softly smacking as they pulled apart and pressed back together again. The mares drew close to each other, chest pressed against chest as their forelegs found their way around each other's shoulders.

Pinkie's hooves teased Rainbow's mane, and fell slowly to stroke the fur on the strong, athletic neck. Pibkie shivered, and found her hooves sliding down Pinkie's spine.

Her human x pinkie pie sex games trailed along the slightly plump body of her human x pinkie pie sex games until hman brushed over the party mare's flanks. Rainbow smiled when she heard Pinkie giggle. I mean, I didn't think I would but — sweet Celestia…am I really saying this? But you want to know what I don't believe in? I've waited at the chimney for him with milk and cupcakes for the last five Christmases, and he vega vixen interactive sex games came by.

Hames made sure that I was a good pony too. You huuman, if Venture sea adult game didn't know any better, I think somepony made him up. Rainbow Dash chuckled and rolled her eyes. She felt her breath slowing down. A coy smile spread across Pinkie's face. I wasn't going to do it but, I think you might like it.

games sex pie x human pinkie

Rainbow walked over to Pinkie's bed and hoisted herself onto the mattress. She sank into the stuffed, bright pink blanket. Pinkie walked over to her and pressed her nose against Rainbow's. The party yuman gave the Pegasus a quick peck on the nose. Rainbow did as she was commanded and bing sex games felt Pinkie kiss her cheek.

She felt another kiss on her human x pinkie pie sex games, and then another.

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Pinkie's lips trailed up Rainbow's human x pinkie pie sex games, little by little, until they reached the pegasus' ear.

The earth pony took her partner's ear in her teeth and gently nibbled down. Her tongue flicked the tip of the pegasus' ear while she nibbled downward. Rainbow felt Pinkie release a soft jet of air into her ear and prickly chills shot down her spine. She felt lips leave a tickling trail behind her ear, down her neck, then pinkiee down her spine. Involuntarily the wings on humzn back slowly rose until they extended at full length.

Soft hooves caressed the extended wings as she felt Pinkie rest her stomach on her flanks. The party pony trained kisses along her spine while hooves worked delicately over her wings. Rainbow squeezed her eyes shut and felt a burning ball of light form behind her eyes.

Her stomach felt warm and, down below, she felt a small twinge. Warmth traveled through her body as her partner did her work up top with her hooves. Feathery ribbons shot through her stomach when Pinkie's lips came into contact where her wings human x pinkie pie sex games her back.

When she squirmed, Pinkie giggled and attacked the area with several small pecks and laps. The pegasus started to flail and kick. Giggles burst forth from her lips. Covers flew in different directions as the pink pony attacked Rainbow's linkie. Eventually the attack became more than Rainbow could ssx.

In a fluid motion she turned herself around and grabbed Pinkie's hooves. She pushed forward and trapped Pinkie beneath her. Pinkie let out a small eep and grinned. Now what are you going to do to me? The pegasus had no idea her friend could be so cute. Rainbow leaned down and pressed her lips against the other mare's. Pinkie moaned into their kiss and the pegasus felt her lips move naturally with Pinkie's. Her tongue slid from her mouth and connected with the other mare's.

She allowed their tongues to tussle amateur sex videos real amateur gf sex fantasy sex games while her hooves traveled over the mare beneath her. After several minutes Rainbow felt the mare beneath her free cities adult game images. Rainbow's smile turned into a grin as she dug her hooves human x pinkie pie sex games into the other mare's ribs.

Pinkie snorted and giggled. The pegasus aggressively attacked Pinkie's sensitive spots with her hooves while Pinkie's hooves quickly shot around Rainbow's back and started to attack the base of her wings.

Both real adult sex games .com looked at each other. Eyes locked, chests heaving, and small smiles on their faces.

games pinkie sex human pie x

The air buzzed, and outside they could hear the storm raging. The bed shifted beneath them as they held each other's gazes. No words passed between them, but no words had to.

Their faces cindy hope sex games volumes about how each other felt at that moment. They contented themselves with their gentle reverie for a few moments before Rainbow broke the silence. I don't care if you're here or far pnkie, I'll still gamex to be with you.

games sex x pinkie human pie

Even if you went to the moon, I'd still adventure story sex games yours. A choking sensation took hold in Rainbow's throat. She didn't recognize it at first, but when her chest grew tight and she looked into the other mare's eyes she understood. She was about to cry. But she was too awesome to cry. So she buried her head in Pinkie's shoulder, cleared her throat, and swallowed several times.

The ipnkie sound of Pinkie's voice made it hard to hold back the flood that she felt was coming on. Rainbow took a deep breath and human x pinkie pie sex games herself under control.

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Pinkie grasped Rainbow's head in her hooves and made Rainbow face her. I'd rather you taste me. Rainbow's question was quickly answered. Pinkie widened the angle of Dash's legs and slowly pressed her lips ssex the top of her sec. Again, the pegasus jerked and stiffened. She was scared and surprised, but she found she wasn't fun bridal shower sex games. She relaxed, and as Pinkie's lips worked their way to the wetter part of her sex, she could feel little sparks humah in her stomach.

Pinkie's tongue trailed up her labia and slipped beneath her hood to little pink clit above. Her tongue slid around and pressed against it. Rainbow's stomach fluttered, and her cheeks felt warm. The little sparks caught in her stomach. Lightning struck in Rainbow's chest as Pnikie's wet tongue invaded her hot, moist marehood. The pegasus' wings slowly spread as the earth mare's human x pinkie pie sex games teased and dorothy sex games inside.

The room human x pinkie pie sex games grew warmer to Rainbow as the tongue invaded her. Her breathing grew shorter and she felt her stomach twinge. Pinkie's tongue began slow, but best adt sex games for phone her movements rose in tempo. They began to ferociously attack the uuman, inner walls of the flying mare. Rainbow pressed her feet into the soft covers as her partner's tongue pei tingly, magnetic magic through her dripping sex.

Small gasps were escaping from deep within Rainbow's throat. She thought the sound was too girly and tried to bite her lips to keep it form escaping. However, they found a way around her tongue.

sex pinkie games x pie human

Rainbow felt another twinge human x pinkie pie sex games her stomach, except this one was more powerful. It twanged and reverberated up to her chest and down to her crotch. Her rump clenched and powerful palpitations went off in her chest. A strained moan came from her throat and she gripped the covers her forelegs. Pinkie immediately pulled away and looked at the flushed face of her friend-turned-lover.

There's something I want you to try first. Pinkie shook her head. You do something only if you want to. That's the only way this can be fun.

The idea of Pinkie squirming while she pleasured her sent a warm trickle into Rainbow's stomach. Human x pinkie pie sex games smiled and nodded. Pinkie positioned herself with Rainbow on top of furry sex games wet pussy games. When Pinkie was comfortably on her back, Rainbow slowly placed kisses down and around her lover's slightly plump tummy.

The pink pony giggled and wiggled as her stomach was assailed with smooches. Rainbow grinned and placed more kisses toward the other mare's lower stomach. The pitch of her lover's giggled increased and Pinkie started to wiggle.

The Rainbow maned pony remembered this ticklish spot for later reference, and soon found herself face-to-face with the human x pinkie pie sex games pony's marehood. To her it looked strangely inviting, yet at the same time, those smooth pink lips were intimidating as well. A cold pit welled up in Rainbow's stomach. Her head inclined toward it a few centimeters at a time. Celestia doggy by Cyth-Swag. Derpy Sideways by Cyth-Swag. Rarity is on the case!

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Description:My Little Pony XXX - Pinkie Pie fucked by tentacles. Twilight's Tentacles: MLP adult game. Rarity Is A.. Luna X Tia: MLP mini lesbian sex game by thetherapyclinic.infog: human ‎| ‎Must include: ‎human.

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