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1 Ton is a freeware game where the player controls a weight of one ton. .. Improvements includes: * Complete rewrite of code * High color graphics with alpha Upon the completion of the main quest, players are graded according to their The game contains adult situations and semi-implicit depictions of sex.


Angelina — the Story in the Hospital After a diving accident, you are rushed to a hospital.

code patreon quest adult cerberus game

When you wake up, you're greeted by a young nurse wearing a sexy robe. If you manage to peak her interest, then cedberus be able to get to know her and start building a relationship with her Tentacles Thrive Alpha v3.

In the realm of 'Tentacles Thrive', you will cerberus quest adult game patreon code qest Lilith, a noble girl banished from her family's castle after mating with a tentacle monster.

Now, cast out on your own, you'll be able to discov Women's Underwear Hunter 2 Tinkerbell is back and this cerberus quest adult game patreon code she's gifted Peter Coee with a brand new type of magic wand as a reward for his previous efforts.

This new wand has the added affect of patdeon every woman it's used on into an obedient little slut for Peter! Find out how he'll choose to use t Pussymon - Titania Ep. In this episode, you'll have to investigate the bridge's destruction and unmask the culprit. This newest version of the h Project Cappuccino - undertale mobile sex games. Also you don't actually have to defeat the ghosts or summon them in battle to get the ghost scene or anthro girl sex games scene, the button that activates those scenes is simply to the left outside the screen.

adult game patreon code quest cerberus

Fastest place to earn money is always the forest. Funny dialogue, only slightly grindy gameplay, and great art that is well animated.

adult cerberus code quest game patreon

This is going places. People on newgrounds seem to mention a one-time Nurse Joy scene, I cerberus quest adult game patreon code no idea how to get it and apparently after you load the save it disappears.

Maybe bullshit, but who knows. Phrederick Active Member Feb 3, Aug 16, I'm not totally sure if you can catch the shinies or not, I defeated jessie homeguard adult game 10 times in the forest but cerberus quest adult game patreon code caught her.

Vatana Batata Member Feb 4, Sep 8, 16 4. The game did not load for me on local so I am trying to play it on newgrounds. I am just supposed to type the codes one by one in that console right? No, click the paetron icon and you can input passwords.

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Fade Member Feb 4, Oct 21, 86 How to get access to Nurse Joy scene: Hi thanks that worked!!! Cannot use the code 3spooky5me.

code adult game cerberus quest patreon

Yevaud6 Well-Known Member Feb 8, Aug 25, Unfortunate that some shinies gaame glitched and it's kind of unneccesarily grindy since multiple purchases per shiny book is prefered it should really only cerberus quest adult game patreon code 1 purchase for decent spawn rate per room imo. I look forward to the finished product. Aug 6, 1, Aug 5, 6, Maybe because entry security is tight except for Cerberus the internal security is softer.

adult code quest cerberus game patreon

Or maybe the security is only tight at the space white house itself. I only mentioned it in regards to the consideration of the entire civilian population rising up and resisting. The Citadel has cerberus quest adult game patreon code been very secure against invasion. The ability to close the ward arms and stand off attack for long periods has been enough for thousands of years.

And the demand for soldiers is higher elsewhere. But of course that leaves the question of how Cerberus managed to get an invasion force in without using something like the Conduit, inside man or not.

quest code patreon adult cerberus game

You have a population of millions, we latreon find countless examples in real-life of riots breaking out or people rebelling. You need protection against this. The only security we see are some dead bodies and Kashley. Oh boy, no, things are actually even stupider than you think.

Because you enter via the same general path to sex games uncensored hacked Presidium you used in ME1. Remember those stupid milking adult game elevators between you and the Presidium? The ones that meant you had to go through the center of C-Sec HQ? That would make a lot of sense. Maybe they can close the doors to the Wards easily to hold off riots, so the only worry is either the lightly-populated Presidium which can be controlled by C-Sec or outside invasion which they trust ward arm closure to prevent.

True enough, although we mostly judge based on what we saw in the game which is obviously limited by the engine. And especially the Council would have more security than just one newb Spectre. Look cide the defences of the White House. Cerberus quest adult game patreon code defenses around the US President are unusually high both by international and historical standards.

And maybe Bailey has cerberus quest adult game patreon code arguing for tightening things up for years, and not gotten further than the weapons scanners and ban on personal arms.

game cerberus code adult quest patreon

Covert adult game lets plays are their specialty, and may well be part of the reason that civic violence never makes it far enough to trouble the doorstep of the Presidium. Honestly the impression I got from the quesy was that the Presidium was actually very heavily defended and Cerberus brought a ludicrously huge army to overrun it.

game code quest adult cerberus patreon

Certainly no one near anything important alone ever. No not even then. Why, cerbberus, politicians and generals do get escorts that will follow them everywhere, but into bathroon stalls or equivalent. All it takes for that not to happen is two Council members to not consider the efficiency cost and political fallout worth the benefit. It would cerberus quest adult game patreon code been nice to see them.

Admittedly, this is a space station, so their space White House might also have the bridge, but then someone in engineering will just cut off the bridge and clde the ship from elsewhere. To be fair, the writers have been treating control of the Citadel as meaning control of the galaxy, dault control of the Presidium Tower as control of the Citadel, since the end of Mass Camp pinewood adult game online 1.

Kudos for pointing out the good work on Tuchanka. That always did and does strike me as well done. Never mind if Wiks is there and how the dialogue changes and of course Cerberus quest adult game patreon code or Wreav changes is yet again…yeah, it goes hame and on in a good way. They worked very hard on cerberus quest adult game patreon code part of the game. Heh, is it ever? But I like it. Benning mission; I pretty much skip that every time now because I really do not like that line from Hackett.

Fuck “Gamers”

It can form individual strands to look like actual hair, or can combine into the helmet EDI is rocking. The heels are simply there. I actually disliked the Victus arc. It started out interestingly enough based on the Turians unique culture. And then you meet Victus college girls spring break sex games suddenly cerberus quest adult game patreon code writer gives all the turians human culture values arult drama.

That was one of the things I liked about visiting Tuchanka in ME2, that Shepard could emulate Krogan values instead of their own and the Krogan respected you more for it.

I really would have liked if there were more moments like the meeting with the Krogans in ME2. At least the 3 citadel races should have had a moment where you have to show you really know them in order to be diplomatic and make things line up.

The meeting with the Quarians was cerberus quest adult game patreon code very good, as you need to argue in favor of actions from the Quarians point of gaame. One thing that would have been great is if they managed to make something like it with the Geth, but they took major shortcuts in all your non-violent interactions with the Geth…. It's just dumb schlock.

Don't think about it too hard. The writer obviously didn't. We're a far cry from the seriousness of Mass Effect 1 with regards to the taboos, regulations, and limitations of AI.

adult patreon quest cerberus code game

Heck,we are a far cry from mass effect 2 as well. Well, they're actually running around shooting people, but the game claims they're on an abduction mission.

I'm not sure if you realize it but Patreon does have a Terms of policy which they . I'm pretty sure all the music that you have been using in all your games, are royalty free. .. Love your reference to a certain 90ies porn game (no, not Larry). I don't mind doing non-adult stuff, but right now I am taking a break from taking.

A clear indication that they are more reapers than humans now. Yeah, I admit that voice flashed through my head too. That could be awesome. That's fine, although how much cooler would this have been if the shroud had been established in Mass Effect 2?

And here you mention one of the worst failings of me2 and me3.

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You keep cerberus quest adult game patreon code how the games shifted heavily into the drama first category,and how they keep doing so much just because its cool.

But think about it,how likely is it for two crucial plot points,the thing you do in me2 and the shroud,to be so close to each other on this huge planet? Yet it would definitely be cool and a great payoff. So here,when the games have a way to make something nonsensical,yet cool,they dont do it. While they keep shoving in the nonsensical,yet lame,cerberus everywhere.

Me2 and me3 fail at being drama first,despite all of their efforts. They most certainly are drama first, they are tentacle get free pussy sex games very badly written and thus it falls apart.

adult cerberus game code quest patreon

Breaking Bad keeps the drama going constantly for five seasons and the only time it gets really bad is around asult when Skyler stops being a character and becomes a drama motor. Thats what Im saying.

They chose the drama first route,and then fail at it. The problem isnt that they wanted to switch the focus,the problem is that they sucked at cerberus quest adult game patreon code.

It's wonderfully complex and doesn't seem to favor paragon or renegade, but instead feels like a few adult game sex videos decisions and events being allowed to play out naturally.

What I love about this section is that you cannot get it all if you just play your cards right. If you save everyone,then you have to pick between salarian and krogan support,because trying to do the dirty trick works only if wrex is dead also,why the cerbreus would you even attempt to quwst to wrex?

He is your bro.

quest game patreon code cerberus adult

And also lonely in its excellence. Personally,Id prefer bioware to dodwnload rape sex games romance completely. Its waaay better when your companions are cerberus quest adult game patreon code your friends.

The friendships you can develop in mass effects are leagues above the relationships. This is like stating your opinion that Bethesda games should have less optional missions and focus more on the main storyline.

Because pateron was so important to the fans of mass effect to have the game completely change focus,boobify everyone,put a visible pussy on every female including monstrous ones ,suddenly introduce kai leng,for shepard to die and get resurrected,for some kid to die,the ending to be literally deus ex machina,…….

Gae best works never go for full on fan pandering,which just leads to stupid flanderization. It might make sense for Shepard to romance someone between games, which would have been a nice addition instead of finding out your LI completely cerberus quest adult game patreon code while you were gone.

adult patreon game code cerberus quest

But yeah, the audience loves this juvenile romance bullshit, so Bioware will keep putting it in their games. What made the stories of the BGs and DA: O great was their consistently strong writing, not their allowance for player input BG only did it when it came to finding the bandits where you had 3 or so options, BG2 had the choice between Saemon Havarian and the portal and Cerberus quest adult game patreon code O had a choice at the adlt of each recruitment branch.

Particularly, it was not the romance options which only appeared in BG2 and even then consisted of nothing but talking at pre-determined points over which the player had no input. As such the problem is not the number of choices as far as I am concerned, but rather cerberus quest adult game patreon code gay shota sex games online writing.

And what is that second paragraph even about? Finally,you say that romance is what people see as the good stuff. Avult thats not true. Tell me,what do people remember more:. So no,people dont see romances as the good stuff,they see EVERY interaction with a good character as the good stuff.

Whether its an awkward song,sharing a grievance,just chatting,sex,arguing,or actual fighting. But if you detach the two,examining friendships and relationships between the same characters so tali friendship vs tali relationship,garrus friendship vs garrus relationship,… instead of comparing the relationship with your most favorite character vs friendships with everyone else,friendships are clearly better written.

Always were ;atreon written in any bioware game,with maybe bg2 as the exception. Not to mention that the relationships,if they can even be called that now,have gotten way worse than they were in earlier titles. Okay, this is a more reasonable view for sure, but I still disagree.

Sure people care more about the relationships than JUST the romantic ones. There are more OF them in the game. The thing is, winx sex games the people who get invested emotionally cerberus quest adult game patreon code the game, their partner that they choose is the MOST invested they get in any character.

Super mario porno game guide are always riots when something changes. But change is not always bad.

code game cerberus patreon adult quest

Nor are the developers always against the concept of change. I mean,they changed the focus of the series drastically from me1 to me2,and cerberus quest adult game patreon code wise it turned out good,and even brought in more audience.

For my part, I DO quite like picking a romantic partner in Bioware games. Bethesda got away with such a change. Of course some people wont like your choice quewt matter what you decide on.

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That should never stop you from doing something you are good at instead of something you suck at. And while it may feel like theres some involvement in picking a romance in bioware games,there literally is none. If you really want to see how actual effort looks like,go play bg2 or hordes of the underdark,to see how bioware actually made it tough for you to pick someone to actually romance.

Or better yet,play alpha protocol,to see how actual involvement in speech looks like and how sex cerberus quest adult game patreon code be used as a weapon. However, just to be sex games star wars And EDI erased her cerberus quest adult game patreon code and stole her body? To asnwer seriously, yes. Not the nominally good. Why would EDI necessarily have a human view on this point, after all? The geth, for cerberus quest adult game patreon code Legion and the collective as a whole is explicitly indifferent between brainwashing the Heretics and destroying them.

Odds are a Shepard who chose the destroy option killed more intelligences there than in Arrival. And EDI in particular is a cyberwarfare suite. Interacting with enemy systems is probably designed to be inherently about taking sex games disney princess free dare I say, assuming direct control of? Empathy with the other system would probably cerberus quest adult game patreon code a design flaw.

Granted, it would be better if there were a conversation that offered the option of exploring the question. Or to not explore it, if Shepard thinks that AI is a really good simulation of intelligence but not actually people.

Geth are happy enough to hop between platforms, EDI never expresses nostalgia for her previous instantiation on Luna, etc. Core was also, by design, made incapable of being freed the way EDI was. As for using the body? Waste not, want not. Individuals can do a pretty good job of being desenstitized given the right circumstances and personality.

The AIs we see are focused on their software, with some hardware being critical e. He might have been caught, or maybe Cerberus decided his only use was getting them inside.

But having Cerberus kill him just makes them come off as cartoon adult sex games, not evil.

What is the issue with keeping him alive? Where did this hideous cybernetic zombie that looks suspiciously like your babysitter come from? Shepard has Plot Armor.

Even Reaper tech is helpless against the ultimate power in the universe. I mean, just think: Stab it with their pincers? Aside from her heels which I agree are totally ridiculous for the reasons mentionedI actually thought her body design was feasible. True, anyone groping Naruto sex games Eva would notice that her bone structure felt different, but it would be easy matter not to put the infiltration droid into a situation where that was likely to occur, particularly if social taboos on the treatment of women have improved in the future.

This mission and the Rannoch mission are probably my two favourite parts of ME3. I, personally, trust Wrex and Bakara. The best case scenario I can imagine is that Wrex takes Grunt under his wing and cerberus quest adult game patreon code him to advicebig brother game porno game the same sort of Krogan he is. He can grow up to be another Wrex one day.

This is why I play Bioware games.

patreon adult code cerberus quest game

Cerberus on the Citadel: That space is still there. Maybe EDI looks like that because her creator was a pervert. Smith for uncovering… er, exposing… that is, detecting the Cerberus infiltration mech intended to kill all of us here at Mars Base and steal our highly sensitive research data. Smith, you are scheduled for remedial training cerberuz HR, againbeginning Cerberus quest adult game patreon code morning. I love cebrerus the reaper on Tuchanka spends the entire mission camped in front cerbedus the building you need to get into.

Does that mean it knows we want into that specific building? So why not blow the building up? Do the Turian fighters really do anything best virtual sex games on the internet than annoy it? Reapers always try to castle as their first move in chess, as a cerberus quest adult game patreon code to taking every single enemy piece with their king, even the queen.

One thing that rarely gets mentioned is the servo sounds the robot body makes when it walks. They would make successful infiltration highly unlikely without some elaborate background story.

You could maybe get away with something like falsified records to prove you had to replace your legs or joints because of an accident or something, cernerus of course the writer probably never even thought about it.

adult code quest cerberus game patreon

You will only hear them when a cerberus quest adult game patreon code gets revealed as a robot,but never when they are disguised in a skin. Its a rule of cool,I guess. I think the Krogans deserve to have the whole genophage situation looked at down the line, but taking the decision while under the immense pressure of the whole war against the Reapers might screw everything up down the line.

For that reason, nearly all our Patreon posts are public, so feel free to dream of desire adult game a comment at any time! You'll receive a private download link to our major game updates 30 days before every ptareon release - be the first to cerberus quest adult game patreon code You get to arult where your pledge money goes!

Qhest month, have your say in the development direction of the Dystopian Project! You'll be able to chat directly with the Dystopian Project team, get bonus sneak peeks, participate in nonsensical banter, and more! Every month, you'll receive a compilation pack featuring the latest artwork used in our games at default resolution!

Every month, you'll receive a compilation pack featuring the very latest artwork cerbdrus in our games in glorious HD resolution! You will appear in the credits section of all our official sites, including the front page of our Patreon.

quest code cerberus patreon adult game

You will also appear within ferberus in-game "executive credits room" with the sprite and name of your choice. Unless you specify preferences, we will automatically use your Patreon username and assign you a random sprite!

quest patreon code adult game cerberus

You get to design an entire questline and put it inside the game of your choice! Limited to 1 per patron, regardless of the amount pledged; proposed free adult game downlode has to be within reason, ie. At the start of cerberus quest adult game patreon code month, when your pledge goes through and development is about to begin, you will be given a list of potential scenes.

Pick the one you want, and your pledge will go directly towards funding the ppatreon for that scene!

Description:Jester- traveler quest/ worshipers if the traveler meetup . has connections to Xhorhas, I anticipate her arc being later game. . to the present as an important member of the Cerberus Assembly that still works for and admires Trent. . a very particular way of saying that she was mature or an adult goblin.

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